PGM Design + Build


In order to build beautiful architectural spaces, one must do three things: respect the natural flow and terrain on which the space is being founded; utilize sustainable, durable materials throughout the work; and master the art of creating simple, uncompromising design. At PGM, this is what we were created to do.

With our unique, organic approach, PGM ensures each space evolves naturally and beautifully. We go through a mediated screening process between the architect, builder, designer and engineer to ensure that our renderings on paper surpass their initial artistic concept to be translated into beautiful spaces in real life. The challenge posed by emerging technologies and new building techniques is met with our commitment to evolve and grow with the demands of our changing environment.

Every domain, space and design is unique and unparallelled. From transforming a traditional space into a rustic neo-modern retreat, to building a conscious, smart and sophisticated living space made of local, sustainable materials, we tailor every project to encompass our client’s personality and lifestyle.

“Our company was created to build timeless, contemporary homes that preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the land and its native landscape. We build homes you can be proud of today, tomorrow and beyond.”  -Edgar Prats, President